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CNC Milling, Turning & Assembly Groups


Machining of metal parts for automation integrators

Stamping tools & Assembly of mechanical groups

Big frames & skeletons for production lines –robotics

Product examples

About us

        Since 2011 HAWEMA TOOLING SRL is manufacturing mechanical parts and assembly groups for German integrators of automation technology in industrial production processes. In cooperation with partners from the German industrial cluster around Brasov (Kronstadt) we offer all regular surface treatments (no Chrome 6), welded structures and all types of metal sheet.

        Since 2022 we start offering our production and assembly skills (milling, drilling, gluing, soldering) of small and absolute high-tech mechanical or electronic parts. You can find them on land, at sea and in the air – working even at temperatures of 3 K (= -270.15 °C) …

        We manufacture all non-standard parts for production lines or fixtures designed by our customers and we also assembly upon their request – HAWEMA makes it happen!

        HAWEMA is striving to offer premium quality mainly to global players but also to Romanian partners in the domestic market. We strongly believe in synergies and win-win-constellations and doing so we welcome any quality-committed partner to cooperate with us at creating better and best solutions for the one – global – market.

Why choose us?

Because we ask, think and offer solutions and not only execution.

Because we deliver German quality at competitive prices.

Because we are located in Brasov, close to your factory or customer in Romania.

Production capabilities

CNC Milling:
3-axis (X = 1000, Y = 510, Z = 630)
4-axis (X =760, Y = 410, Z = 460)
5-axis MECOF  (X = 5000, Y = 1300, Z = 2300)
Plane X = 1000, Y = 500, Z = 400
Round Φ400 x 560mm
CNC Turning:
Φ300 x 500mm
EDM Wire Cutting
X = 300 Y = 300 Z = 250
2D  Mitutoyo TESA Microhite M600
Software Siemens NX
Drawing formats: stp, igs, ipt

In addition to the above mentioned capabilities we cooperate with local certified partners and can assure:

  • Bending
  • Welding
  • Surface treatment (hardening, nitriding, oxidizing and anodizing)

In the end we guarantee perfectly finished parts. Made by HAWEMA

Factory floor