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Our success story starts in 2003, when we took over Caditec GmbH & Co KG from the Autokabel Group in Hausen, Germany.

Caditec deployed its ressources to Romania and until 2010 supplied mainly the automotive sector with design and stress analysis services. Strenghten by the crisis and backed by its main customers Caditec 2011 started to build up two new divisons: Aerospace (NUARB SRL) and Automation (CADITEC AUTOMATION SRL), which quickly became its most important field of activity and future development.

Today The Caditec Group, formed by CADITEC AUTOMATION SRL, NUARB SRL and HAWEMA SRL, is one of Romania’s leading integrators of automation technology in industrial production processes and satisfies the demand of most discerning international customers with ready-to-use solutions. From mock-up to SOP!

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